Sativinia is an 18+ LARP


Northern Ireland's First Fantasy LARP

Welcome to Northern Ireland's First Fantasy LARP

Started in February 2016, Sativinia is set to be the first dedicated fantasy LARP in Belfast and all of Northern Ireland. Based around a unique story, Sativinia was created by three friends who shared a similar passion for LARP. 

"After several months of trying to find a LARP in our area that suited our interests, we came together as a group and began to develop the idea of actually running one of our own. All being gamers, we wanted to take our love of medieval and fantasy RPG games and turn it into something real world. We also wanted to create a friendly environment were people, who usually would struggle with social situations, could come and create a character in a fictional setting, giving them the opportunity to be whoever they want to be." 

-Ventosa, Leader of the Grey Cliffs.

Using the story of a world on the brink of war, Sativinia and the Seven Clans were created to give people a large amount of freedom, due to it being an original concept, with no specifics to a character model that would have to be followed. Players engage with each other through a living story that evolves depending on their character's real-world decisions.

"The story came from an original concept that the three of us had, where we wanted to use different elements and different colours, so the different clans would be easily distinguishable from one another. We basically adopted the creed of 'simple enough to be easily understood, complicated enough to be interesting' when devising the differences between the clans, their strengths, abilities, history and magic. Having no restrictions to what we could and couldn't do with our story, this really became a project combining all of the aspects of a story that we all wanted".

-Reaver 1, Leader of the Shadow Caves.

Now preparing for the first event, we welcome any questions and are currently taking a registry of interest.

We hope to see you in Sativinia.